Big Muskego Lake District



A Board of Commissioners makes decisions regarding lake management. The Big Muskego Lake/Bass Bay Commissioners include the Mayor, who acts as Chairman, and the body of seven Muskego Common Council members (Alderman).

Deputy Commissioners

A group of five Deputy Commissioners are elected annually by Lake District members to provide recommendations to the Commissioners and execute the projects of the District. 


Big Muskego Lake/Bass Bay Protection and Rehabilitation District was formed in 1978. District boundaries were drawn to include riparians (landowners with lake frontage) and other landowners within a certain proximity to the lake. These property owners are assessed an annual fee to finance lake management projects. 

The district recently applied for an aquatic plant control permit from the DNR to treat up to 100 acres of near-shore water for Eurasian Watermilfoil.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Big Muskego Lake District Leonard Pilak Chair (414) 881-5694
Big Muskego Lake District Greg Burmeister Deputy Commissioner (414) 254-2954
Big Muskego Lake District Lawrence Schweitzer Deputy Commissioner (414) 425-1725
Big Muskego Lake District Tom Kies Deputy Commissioner (414) 422-0595
Big Muskego Lake District Karl Hoepner Deputy Commissioner (414) 529-2030