Muskego Special Needs Awareness Program

Muskego Special Needs Awareness Program (M.S.N.A.P)

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The City of Muskego Police Department is pleased to offer a program called M-S.N.A.P., which stands for the Muskego Special Needs Awareness Program. M-S.N.A.P. is designed to increase the safety and security of residents with special needs. M-S.N.A.P. also has a senior component for individuals 65 and older is called M- S.N.A.P. Silver.

The purpose of the program is to identify children and adults in the community with special needs.  Having prior knowledge of a person’s special needs, such as autism, hearing impairment, emotional or behavioral impairment, limited cognitive and communicative abilities, dementia, etc. will assist police officers and emergency personnel in resolving calls for assistance in a more effective and safe manner for all those involved.

Participation in M-S.N.A.P. is completely voluntary. Family members determine if their loved one and their family would benefit by being a part of the M-S.N.A.P. program.  The information provided will be entered into the M-S.N.A.P. database so if your family member is ever in need of assistance, the Muskego Police and Tess Corners Fire Departments will have crucial information available to them before they ever arrive, and will be better able to help and assist. 

If you feel this is a program you would like to participate in, please complete and submit this form.  Forms may also be picked up at the police department. 

Thank you from the City of Muskego Police Department.