Program Information & Policies

The recreation department is primarily responsible for the development and daily functions of the instructional programs and leisure-time recreational activities. We offer programs to preschoolers, youth, teens, adults, and older adults. Programming areas include, but are not limited to, arts and craft specials, dance, gymnastics, trips, fitness, enrichment classes, leagues, safety, and educational classes. The recreation program guide is published three times a year--Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall and is mailed to all Muskego residents.

Each program guide includes the department’s policies on recreation programs.  Below you will find a brief overview of the policies governing the recreation programs.  More information can be found in the seasonal program guide.

When & How to Register

Residents (residing within the Muskego/Norway School District) have first priority for program registration. Registration start dates are established for each session and listed in the guide.  Non-residents registration starts 2 weeks after resident registration.  Registration is ongoing through the start of the program or to the registration deadline if there is one.

Registration can first be done in person at the department office, or via mail, fax, and Internet. One week later, phone registration will be available between the hours of 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a Visa or Master Card for payment. 

Late Registration Policy 
There will be no pro-rating of program fees for late registration.

No On-site Registration 
Instructors will not accept registration/payment at class location. All registration transactions must be completed at the department office prior to scheduled class unless otherwise noted.

Registration confirmations will not be sent unless a registrant provides a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  You will be contacted by phone only if classes are canceled or filled.  If you are not notified by phone, assume your class will continue as scheduled and attend the first class. 

Fees and Charges for Programs

The policy of the department is that those who participate should help defray the overall costs of that activity. Fees and charges are therefore assessed according to the needs of the programs such as extra leadership, skilled instructors and special equipment.

SPECIAL NOTE: The department, however, does not want to exclude any adult or child who is unable to pay these fees due to unemployment, illness, or other unfortunate situations that might occur. The family unable to pay all or part of the charges for the above reasons, should contact the department office prior to registration. 

Refund Policy

One you have registered for a program, you are responsible for payment whether you attend or not.  ALL REGISTRATIONS are final with these exceptions only:

  1. A program is canceled by the Parks & Recreation Department prior to its scheduled starting date. No fee assessed for this type of cancellation. 
  2. Prior to the start of the program and three full working days’ notice is given to the Parks & Recreation Department. A $4.00 cancellation charge will be assessed for this type of cancellation.    
  3. A refund will be given during the duration of the program only if a conflict, injury or illness arises. The $4.00 cancellation change as well as a pro-ration of the class fee for each class held will be deducted from the remaining refund. 
**Some charges and cancellation dates may vary with special noted classes.

Cancellations Due to Weather

  1. If you have a question concerning the status of a program (inclement weather, school closed, etc.) CALL THE 24-HOUR INFORMATION LINE FIRST AT (262) 679-5645.    
  2. If you have not been informed through the information hotline or contacted by the Parks and Recreation Department, assume your activity has not been canceled.    
  3. If poor weather conditions develop within 1-1/2 hours of the activity/event, report to the site if in doubt. Remember, all sites are unique and activities may be conducted or modified.    
  4. Once at a program site, decisions concerning the cancellation or discontinuation of the activity will be in the judgement of the site supervisor/leader or game official. 
There may be times when classes may be canceled due to weather, facility shut down, etc. Every attempt will be made to reschedule a canceled activity and participants will be notified. However, if we are unable to make up the class, there will be no refund arranged in this case.

Lesson Observation

The purposes of these recreation classes for youth is to help your child have a fun opportunity with their peers. Parents are welcome to observe on the first and the last day only unless a special observation day is set up. Total concentration on the part of your child is crucial. For the best instructional atmosphere, health, and safety of your child, observation of other class sessions is not permitted. Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress before and after class with the instructor.

However, if your class is listed a parent/child class, an adult parent, guardian, or caregiver must actively participate with the child in class.  Siblings or other non-registered children are not permitted to attend the class as attention must be given to the registered child.

Age/Grade Appropriate

For all programs, age/grade requirements will be as of the first day of the program unless otherwise specified. These requirements are set to make instruction more consistent, and in most cases to insure safety, enjoyment, and accomplishment.

Discipline Procedure

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, the Parks and Recreation Department has initiated a behavior code. It is our hope that by following these guidelines, we will be able to ensure that all participants are getting the most out of their recreational experience. The behavior code is as follows: Participants will be given verbal warnings to stop a behavior. If the participant does not stop their negative behavior, the instructor will remove the participant to the sidelines for 1 minute/year of age or at the discretion of the instructor. After that time, the participant will be brought back into the activities. If the behavior happens again during that class, staff will remove the participant from that day’s class. If the behavior continues to happen, the participant may be removed from the program at that time.

View a copy of the Discipline Code.

Wait List

Waiting lists are a source of contact and do not guarantee you’ll receive a call back. You’ll receive a call back only if space becomes available. If you ask to add your name to a waiting list for a closed class, it:

  • provides us with a name and phone number in the event of a cancellation; 
  • supplies us with names and phone numbers in case a new class is added; 
  • does not limit you from registering for any other open classes