Parks & Open Space Plan 2017-2021

Parks and conservation lands are valuable attributes of a community. Outdoor recreation contributes to the mental and physical well-being of the community’s citizens. Developed park lands provide areas for active recreation, entertainment, and education. Conservation lands provide natural resource preservation, wildlife habitat, outdoor education and passive recreational activities. Parks and conservation areas both provide transition and separation from more intensively developed lands.


The objectives of the City of Muskego Park and Conservation Plan are to:

  • Provide for quality active and passive outdoor recreational opportunities of various kinds to all current and future Muskego residents of all ages and abilities   
  • Evaluate how existing public recreation facilities address the present and future needs of the people of Muskego   
  • Identify areas where existing recreation facilities are inadequate to serve the present and future needs of the people of Muskego 
  • Develop a plan of action to meet both the current and future recreational demands of the public   
  • Inventory Muskego’s natural resource base    
  • Evaluate and prioritize lands of environmental significance, scenic views, and trail connectivity to be considered for preservation and provide strategies to preserve them   
  • Provide the City of Muskego with a period of eligibility for cost sharing assistance through the Federal and State grant programs
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