City Hall Tours

Tour Features

Mayor Petfalski will personally greet your tour group in the mayor’s office. Depending upon the day, the Mayor may lead your group throughout City Hall, stopping in each department for a brief explanation of each department's function.  

The Mayor may conduct a mock council meeting based on the size of the group and time available. The group will assembled in the Council Chambers and will enjoy a fun learning experience as different members are selected to be the mayor, aldermen, and city clerk while seated in the council seats. The group may discuss a potential city issue, hear from citizens (the rest of the group), and finally vote on the issue.

Who / Why Tour?

Touring City Hall is a great opportunity for scout groups working on a city government badge and school groups studying city government. However, any type of group is welcome.  

Length of Tour

The entire tour lasts approximately 45-60 minutes but can comply with your time constraints. After the tour, consider having your group stop in Veteran’s Memorial Park (weather permitting) to enjoy a bag lunch brought from home.  

Get More Information / Set Up a Tour

If you are interested in setting up a tour or have additional questions, please call (262) 679-5675.