Urban Forestry

Community Trees

Trees restore the natural harmony in an urban environment. They filter out harmful air pollutants while producing oxygen, as well as reduce the possibility of flooding by slowing and filtering rainwater. 

Properties with well cared for trees are considered more valuable and can considerably reduce your yearly heating and cooling costs.

Trees require an investment along with continuous maintenance in order to provide our community with these immeasurable benefits.

Read more about the benefits of city trees.

Tree Planning & Maintenance

Plans and ordinances have been adopted pertaining to the management of trees so that Muskego’s tree resources can be sustained into the future. In the last 15 years over 1000 trees have been planted within Muskego's parks and public rights-of-way and several thousand additional trees have been planted on private lands in new commercial and residential developments throughout the community.

After the right trees are planted in the proper locations they require proper care and maintenance. Most city-planted trees are mulched to conserve moisture, add nutrients, and reduce competition from turf grass. Trees are pruned for proper branch structure and clearance. They are also monitored for abatement of hazardous conditions.
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