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DocumentCommunity involvement is vital to the continued success of Muskego's conservation and education efforts. Many of our programs depend upon the involvement of a growing number of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers lend their special talents to a variety of tasks that support the vision of Muskego Conservation. Projects take volunteers well beyond litter clean-up into broader areas of concern, such as maintaining biodiversity and restoring damaged ecosystems. We strive to place qualified applicants into rewarding positions based upon their talents and interests. New volunteers are always welcome to join our program.

We hope to encourage and support a connection between individuals and their surrounding natural environment by fostering an environmental ethic in the community through volunteerism.

Participants are advised to wear long pants, sturdy shoes, work gloves, and other seasonally appropriate clothing. Insect repellent is also quite useful. Youths 12-17 are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you would like further information about any of the volunteer positions or would like to schedule a project, please email Conservation Coordinator, Tom Zagar.

Volunteer Positions

Seed Collection

Help expand our inventory of native seeds for ecological restoration projects on City property. All tools and supplies will be provided. Seed collection volunteers are active weekdays from September to October.

Ecological Restoration Projects

Work alongside the Conservation Staff and carry out ecological restoration projects throughout the year on our properties city-wide. Activities include cutting brush from remnant and restored areas, removing invasive plants, and burn unit preparation. As you work you'll learn about Muskego's plant communities. Tools and training provided.

Experienced Prescribed Burn Teams

We conduct prescribed burns in natural areas for a few weeks in early spring. We rely on volunteers in this limited time frame. Participants have the opportunity to engage in all stages of a prescribed burn from burn prep, being a lookout, or being on the fire-line. This is our most physically demanding activity. Certification and prior burn season experience strongly preferred.  

Citizen Scientist - Wildlife Monitor

  • Bluebird Trails:  Help create solutions for the challenges bluebirds face in your area by providing supplemental support. A bluebird trail is a series of nesting boxes located in conservation areas and parks, where they can be conveniently monitored. Operating and maintaining a productive bluebird trail involves a weekly time commitment during the nesting season. The main goal of monitoring nesting boxes is to establish dates of significant nesting events like the first egg in a nest, chicks hatching, and when chicks fledge. Your responsibility as a bluebird trail landlord is to make every effort to ensure the nest boxes are constructed, mounted and maintained properly.
  • Wood Duck Boxes:  Construction, placement, maintenance, and changing bedding in winter. Examine eggs/shells for evidence of success.
  • Bat Boxes:  Construction, placement, maintenance, and monitoring. 
Adopt-a-Conservation Site

We’re looking for neighbors and community groups to join together and “adopt” smaller sites adjacent to your home or subdivision, holding workdays to improve them. Adopters can do a variety of activities, including plantings, trash collection, trail maintenance and invasive species removal. The time commitment is completely up to the adopters.         

Photo Monitoring

We need people who like to take pictures! Help us document our restoration activities by taking photos in the parks at specific points during certain seasons. We ask that photo monitors supply their own digital camera.

Events & Activities

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD)

Join us on a hike through one of our conservation areas as birding expert John Winze aids you in observing and identifying birds. The month of May signifies the peak of bird migration in our area and we expect to see close to 50 different species! Experienced birders and beginners will enjoy this event! IMBD is usually recognized the first weekend of May, last year's event was a huge success, stay tuned for next years event date.

Great Wisconsin Birdathon - Team 'Tern Around'

The Wisconsin Birdathon is a joint effort between several organizations to support several bird conservation projects in Wisconsin.

In May, Team 'Tern Around' will spend much of the day observing as many bird species as possible. You can help observe, pledge an amount per species, or donate a set amount regardless of how many species our team sees. All donations and pledges are tax-deductible.

Your donation or pledge supports the Bird Protection Fund as well as state-wide projects that protect Wisconsin's birds. Half of your donation will be used for local bird conservation projects here in Muskego! 

Arbor Day Celebration - Tree City USA

Each year the significance of trees is celebrated on Arbor Day - the last Friday in April. Citizens are encouraged to reflect on the value and importance of trees anytime, but particularly on Arbor Day!

NRF Field Trips

In conjunction with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we invite you to experience the wonder and joy of Muskego by taking a Field Trip to see our City's most amazing wild places and creatures, guided by enthusiastic professionals and experts. Registration is exclusively online and opens to the public in early April. Click here for registration information....
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