Bird City & IMBD

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Muskego is a Bird City Wisconsin

Communities that successfully meet criteria for education, habitat management, species management, and removing hazards to birds can become certified as a Bird City Wisconsin. Muskego was among the first group of Wisconsin communities to gain this distinction! Read more...

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)

World Migratory Bird Day raises awareness and appreciation for nearly 350 species of birds that migrate between nesting habitats in North America and non-breeding grounds in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Official community recognition of WMBD is one of the requirements for becoming a "Bird City Wisconsin. Read more...

Wisconsin Birdathon: Team ’Tern Around’

Birds are more than beautiful creatures we like to look at. They pollinate plants, control insects and small mammals, inspire art, boost local economies, devour dead animals, disperse seeds, and clue us into environmental changes. The Wisconsin Birdathon is a joint effort between several organizations to support seven bird conservation projects in Wisconsin. Read more...

Important Bird Area (IBA)

The Important Bird Areas Program (IBA) is a global effort to identify and conserve areas that are vital to birds and other biodiversity. Big Muskego Lake hosts a rich variety of bird species including the endangered Forster’s terns, Black terns (which are of special concern), and an abundance of migrating waterfowl and shorebird species. It is also the first area in southeastern Wisconsin to re-establish nesting Ospreys and Bald eagles. Because of its significance to birds Big Muskego Lake is recognized as one of 88 "Important Bird Areas"