Peddler or Solicitor License

It is unlawful for any Peddler or Solicitor to engage in any sales or solicitation with the City without being issued a license for that purpose. Please see Chapter 267-3 of the Municipal Code for exemptions. 

Upon submittal of application forms, a record check will be completed by the Muskego Police Department. Issuance of a license is subject to approval by the Police Chief. 

Municipal Code


  • $12.00 Investigation Fee (For applicant and each employee)
  • $100.00 License Fee ($50 after July 1)
  • $10.00 Optional Daily Fee
The license year is January 1 to December 31. 

Make check payable to the City of Muskego. 

Application Form 

Please contact City Clerk, Kerri Roller at 262-679-5628 for any further information.