Cigarette License

A license is required for each establishment with the intent to manufacture, sell, exchange, barter, dispose of, give away, or keep for sale any cigarette, cigarette paper, or cigarette wrappers made or prepared for the purpose of being filled with tobacco for smoking. 

Municipal Code


  • Cigarette license fee is $100 per license year, which is from July 1 to June 30.
  • Make check payable to the City of Muskego.
Application Forms 

Cigarette, Tobacco, and Vapor Products Permit and License Applications

Wisconsin law (2023 Wis. Act 73) made significant changes to municipal licensing and regulation of cigarette, tobacco, and vapor products, including:   

  • Requiring retailers that sell electronic vaping devices to obtain a retail license from their municipality
  • Creating minimum standards for persons to hold a municipally-issued retail license
  • Requiring municipalities to use a retail license application form created by DOR  

Pursuant to 2023 Wisconsin Act 73, the following forms are available on DOR's website. 

  • Form CTV-100 – Retail License Application
  • Form CTV-101 – Individual Questionnaire
  • Form CTV-102 – Appointment of Agent
Municipalities and retailers must use these new forms for license applications and renewals. Note: Form CTP-200 is discontinued.

Due to the new minimum licensing standards, all existing retail licensees must apply for their licenses using the new forms at the time of or prior to renewal of their existing license.

Please submit fee and form to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, Muskego City Hall, W182S8200 Racine Avenue, Muskego, WI 53150. 

Liquor License

If you hold a liquor license, please follow this link- Click Here!

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