Badger Books - Electronic Poll Book

  • In 2017, the Wisconsin Elections Commissions (WEC) staff developed Badger Books to be used in Wisconsin Polling places on election day.
  • Electronic poll book software is specific to Wisconsin election practices and statutes. 
  • The electronic poll books are safe, secure, and accurate.
  • Badger Books are not connected to the internet or any other network outside the polling place.
What is Badger Books? 
Badger Books ...

  • Are an electronic version of the paper poll books you are used to seeing at the polls; the process is faster for voters and reduces the potential for errors by poll workers.
  • Are used to check in voters, register voters who choose to register at the polls,  and process absentee ballots that have been returned. 
  • Eliminate countless hours of work put in by City staff to input election day voter registrations and record voter participation.
  • Maintain the voter number and count independent of poll worker input.
  • Simplify the process at the polls because voters are no longer required to get in a line based on their last name or the ward they live in.
Document (1)View a short video:  Badger Books for Voters

On Election Day

  • Voter states name and address
  • Poll worker looks up information in the Badger Books
  • Voter shows photo ID
  • Badger Books screen provides all valid types of ID selections that can be used including specific expiration dates
  • Poll worker turns the Badger Books screen around and the voter signs with finger
  • Machine automatically prints a voter number slip that the voter uses to get their ballot
  • Photo ID's can also be scanned to speed up the searching process
Registration On Election Day

  • Badger Books will ask the poll worker to input what type of ID they received and select what type of Proof of Residence (POR) the voter provided
  • Election day registration information is encrypted
Important things to know

  • Badger Books have the entire statewide database so that a poll worker can look up any registered voter in the State of Wisconsin. Poll workers will be able to tell the voter if they are at the right polling location, what forms of ID are accepted, etc.