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Economic Development Plan Development

The City of Muskego has gone through a couple economic development planning initiatives in the past decade. Most recently the City adopted a new Marketing Plan in 2012 which is essentially an update of implementation measures to forwarding economic development in the community from the Sustainable Economic Development Strategic Plan adopted back in 2003. Please find the links below to these adopted plans that city staff uses on a day to day basis in forwarding economic development in the Muskego community.

Marketing Plan 2012

Find the adopted plan here.

Implementation Log

The city keeps a log of what has been accomplished in the Plan over the years (Note: Log discontinued in 2012 and new log kept in Community Development Department for Marketing Plan implementation).
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Economic Development Strategic Plan 20036 documents

  • Appendix A - Design Standards
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  • Appendix B - Market Analysis
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  • Appendix C - Vision Forum Results
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  • Appendix D - Presentation about Sustainability
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  • 11 x 17 Inserts
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