The Planning Services Division is responsible for all land-use planning functions of the city.The division's purpose is to facilitate the most appropriate use of land within the city.

Find links to information surrounding the city's Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, and Community Development Authority.

Further documents, forms, and applications for various zoning and development procedures can all be found in this section.

You can contact Planning Services of the Community Development Department directly at (262) 679-4136.


All applications and forms for planning related items can be found on the Applications page.


Find various zoning-related regulations, documents, and information. This includes details about rezoning, floodplains, maps, codes, subdivision standards, subdivision covenants, rezoning petitions, and more. See the Zoning page.


Find various Floodplain information and resources related to floodplain tips, concerns, issues, and mapping in the City of Muskego. To learn more, see the Floodplain page.

2020 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Muskego’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan helps guide the current and future development within the City. Here you will find all of the details relating to the plan includes the document itself and maps. To learn more, see the 2020 Comprehensive Plan page.

Business Approval Procedures

This section will guide any new or existing businesses through the process of receiving approvals for locating or relocating within the City of Muskego. To learn more, see the Business Approval Procedures page.

Land Division Procedures

To learn about the process for completing a land division, see the Land Division Procedures page.

Housing Affordability Analysis

Per the requirements of State Statute section 66.10013, here is the 2022 Housing Affordability Analysis .(Published January 31, 2023)

New Housing Fee Report

Per the requirements of State Statute section 66.10014, here is the 2022 New Housing Fee Report.(Published January 31, 2023)