Business Approval Procedures

This information below will guide you through the general process for getting a new business approved within the City of Muskego. Based upon whether the business is constructing new, leasing an existing space, or just altering their existing building, site, or operations the following with help guide that process.

Building, Site, and Operation (BSO) Plan

If you are looking to build or renovate a building, change or add anything to a site, or alter the previously approved operations of a business then you will most likely need to proceed with a Building, Site, and Operation (BSO) Plan. These are approved by the Plan Commission. Depending on the exact scope of the project, the specific submittal details and timelines can vary. These are required mostly when there are exterior changes to a building or to the site. Please contact Planning staff with the specifics of your project and we can gladly point you in the right direction.

Business Registration

If you are looking to locate a business within an existing building and if there are little to no exterior building or site changes, then a Business Registration is all you may need to complete. This is a staff level review that looks at the proposed business operations and makes sure that they comply with any previous site approvals, the Zoning Code, and any applicable Building Codes. 

These are also required even when a BSO has already been approved for a site. This is a way for the City to know what businesses are where and who the contacts for the business are. This is similar to an occupancy approval for a new business. 

Building Permits

If any construction (interior or exterior) is going to be occurring on a property, please keep in mind that depending on the nature of the work a Building Permit may be required. If you are unsure if a permit is required, please check with the Community Development Department. BSO and/or Business Registration approvals do not take the place of Building Permits.

For any questions relating to new or existing businesses please contact the Community Development Department at 262-679-4136. Also, please check out the Economic Development section of our website for more helpful information for businesses.