Community Development

Department of Community Development

The Department of Community Development promotes and maintains the careful and sustainable development and use of land in the City of Muskego. To accomplish this, the department is involved in both short- and long-range planning. 

This effort includes reviewing and documenting development, engineering and capital infrastructure planning, economic development, land / geographic information systems, building inspections/permitting, zoning / code enforcement and compliance, conservation and natural resources, and disseminating this information to the public. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Planning Services Division of the Community Development at (262) 679-4136.

  • Documents: This section houses all of the documents relating to the Community Development Department.
  • Maps: The City of Muskego has interactive online maps along with more traditional standard maps.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning Services Division is responsible for all land-use planning functions of the city. The Division’s purpose is to facilitate the most appropriate use of land within the city. Find links to information surrounding the city’s Planning Commission, Mayor’s Task Force, Board of Appeals, and Community Development Authority. Further, forms and applications for various zoning and development procedures can all be found. Directly contact the Planning Services Division of the Department of Community Development at (262) 679-4136.

Building Inspection

The Building Services Division oversees the city’s built environment, ensuring that each structure in the city is built and maintained according to State safety standards. Find links herein to the information you need to know when building a new structure. Applications and information forms are all available on this site. Directly contact the Building Services Division of the Department of Community Development at (262) 679-4145.

Economic Development

The City of Muskego is a vibrant business location to new businesses and works to provide opportunities to retain current businesses. Find out what Muskego has to offer that enables its residents to enjoy a superior quality of life. Directly contact us about Economic Development in the City of Muskego at (262) 679-4136.

Lakes, Forestry, & Conservation

The Conservation Services Division employs the City Conservation Coordinator in order to oversee the City of Muskego’s urban forestry, lake management, and conservation efforts. Find information on how the city manages the important environmental lands the residents have come to know and love. Further, see the background surrounding the city’s Engel Conservation Area, the first city managed public conservation site that includes numerous marked trails through converted wetland preserves and prairies. Directly contact the Conservation Services Division of the Department of Community Development at (262) 679-4136.