Community Development
Do I need a permit for a driveway, walkway, patios, fence, and/or retaining wall?
Yes. The installation, placement, and/or replacement of any driveway, walkway, patio, fence, or retaining wall requires a Zoning Permit through the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. This applies to all surfaces, including but not limited to asphalt (traditional or permeable), concrete (traditional or permeable), pavers, and gravel. If the driveway, walkway, patio, fence, or retaining wall is replacing something that is already existing you still need a permit to make sure the new/replaced feature meets all current codes.

Zoning Permit Info & Application
Do I need a permit for a certain type of work/project?

The answer is typically yes, depending on the exact details of the work/project type. Please view the following page for a basic list of permit required items. This list is just a summary and is not necessarily all-inclusive. If there are any question on if a permit is required please contact the Building Inspection Division of the Community Development Department at (262) 679-4145. 


How can I find out what Zoning District a property is located in?

There are a few different ways to find out in what Zoning District a property is located:

  • Use the City of Muskego online interactive mapping system, known as MapMuskego.com
  • Call the Planning Division of the Community Development at (262) 679-4136
  • Email the Planning Division of the Community Development at zoning@cityofmuskego.org
  • Complete the online "Zoning District Request" form through the following link.
Zoning District Request
Can I run a business from my home?
There are some limited types of businesses that can be run from your home. The city of Muskego classifies these Home Occupations. All home Occupations require approval from the City before any business uses can occur at a home. Chapter 17, Section 15.02 governs Home Occupations. The following link will take you to the the Home Occupation & Business Registration information packet and application. Please read the entire packet and contact the Planning Division if there are any questions. Home Occupation & Business Registration
What are the regulations relating to fences?

Fences are allow in the City of Muskego with the issuance of a Zoning Permit. Section 400-167H. of the Municipal Code governs fences. The following link will take you to the Zoning Permit application, which goes over the basic fencing requirements. The fee for a fence permit is $20. Please note, if you are located within a subdivision, there may be additional requirement or restrictions relating to fences. Please check with your subdivision and make sure fences are allowed. Just because the City issues you approval of a fence (through a Zoning Permit), the subdivision could still prohibit fences. Any subdivision requires are separate and in addition to any City regulations.

Zoning Permit Info & Application
How do I have my wetlands delineated/marked?
The following link will provide you with details relating how you can have wetlands on your property delineated/marked. The important thing to remember is that once the wetlands on your property are marked, you must immediately have a surveyor survey these markings so that their location can be officially documented. Wetland Information & Delineation Request
Does the City have grass height regulations?

Yes. The City of Muskego has regulations relating to the height of grass on a property. Chapter 35, Section 35.05 of the Municipal Code regulates grass heights. For single-family residential properties (with a home located on them) grass/ground cover should not exceed 8 inches in height. There are a few exceptions to this regulation, such as when there is an established prairie or other approved landscape feature or when a lot is very large. If the single-family residential property is vacant, then the grass/ground cover should not exceed 12 inches in height. This only applies when the vacant lot is adjacent to a lot that has an occupied building on it with a groomed lawn area. For commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties, the grass/ground cover must be maintained to a height of 8 inches or less. If you have a complaint about a property this is not following these regulations, you can use the Text My Gov feature to submit concerns. 

Text My Gov
What kind of approvals does my business need in Muskego?
There are a few different possibilities of what may be required to start/operate a business in Muskego. You always should contact the Planning Division of the Community Development Department (at 262-679-4136) if you are thinking of opening or relocating a business to Muskego. Planning staff can assist you with any questions that you may have and/or any guidance that may be needed. The following link will take you to a page that outlines the basics for starting/relocating a business in Muskego. Please note that any new business, relocated business, or existing business that is changing ownership or name will require the approval of a Business Registration. Business Approval Procedures
Are there any business incentives or assistance available in Muskego?
The City of Muskego has put together a listing of all known business incentives and assistance offered by the City and other organizations outside of the City. The following link will provide more information on business incentives & assistance. Business Incentives & Assistance
Can I have chickens, horses, or livestock on my property?
he basic rule is that you need at least 120,000 square feet (2.75 acres) of land to be allowed any fowl, horses, or livestock. Once you have 120,000 square feet of land, then you are allowed 1 horse or livestock per acre and 20 head of fowl (including chickens) per acre. There are a few exceptions, such as when a property is used principally for agricultural uses. The keeping or raising of hog or fur bearing animals, other than rabbits, is typically not be permitted.

As of October 23, 2014 chickens are allowable on lots less than 120,000 square feet in size with a Zoning Permit for Backyard Chickens. Please view the Planning/Zoning Application page for more details and for a link to the application.

Please contact the Community Development Department if there are any questions at (262) 679-4136

How do I file a complaint about a Zoning Code or Building Code violation?
To file a complaint about a Zoning Code or Building Code violation you need to make a formal complaint to your Alderman or two different residents must submit signed letters stating their complaint(s) in writing. If letters are submitted, these then become public records. Once the Community Development Department receives a complaint from an Alderman or via two separate letters, then we will investigate the potential violation and if a violation is found staff will send a letter(s), where applicable, to the person in violation. To see a listing of all of the Aldermen, please click on the following link. 

Where do I vote?
Visit the Wisvote website to identify your polling place location by performing a name or address search.
Elections - Forms
How do I register to vote?
How can I obtain an absentee ballot?

If you are already a registered voter, please complete Absentee Ballot Application (GAB-121), print the application, and then return it to:

City of Muskego

W182 S8200 Racine Avenue

Muskego, Wisconsin 53150.

To learn more, see the Absentee Voting page.

How do I contact a city/county department?
Visit the Staff Directory to find all department and staff contact information.
Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?
Use the FAQs module to easily find answers to the questions you ask the most.
Do I need a permit for a Special Event, Neighborhood, or Small Group Activity?
Do I need a permit for fireworks?
Fireworks are prohibited without a permit - see City of Muskego Webpage regarding Firework Permit/Application (Individual).
Municipal Court
I was issued a citation. What do I do now?
To find out what to do when you are issued a citation, see the Court Process page.
How do I pay my citation?
You can pay your citation online. Follow the instructions on the Pay My Citation page.
How do I reschedule my court date?
To find out how to reschedule your court date, see the Rescheduling a Court Date page.
I missed my court date, what can I do now?
If you missed your Initial court appearance, you will be found guilty of the offense by default and given 60 days to pay the forfeiture assessed by the court. You will be notified via mail of this disposition. For additional information see the Pleas & Sentencing page.
If you failed to pay/appear to request further time to pay your forfeiture, additional penalties will be assessed. See the Pay My Citation page.

Contact the court with further questions.

My driver's license is suspended. What can I do?
For information about suspended driver's licenses, see the Suspended License and Commitments / Warrants page.
Hunting/Firearms in Muskego

The City of Muskego has additional rules and regulations along with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources laws. Please see the link for specifics.

Informational Map with Rules and Regulations
What are the burning restrictions in the City of Muskego?
How do I obtain a Restraining Order?
What are the child safety seat laws?
What do I do with unused medication?
Muskego citizens looking to dispose of excess and expired prescription and over-the-counter medications can now dispose of those medications at a safe and secure permanent drop off location inside the lobby of the Muskego Police Department.

The collection site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accepts all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, samples, and pet medications. Thermometers, needles or syringes, inhalers and aerosol cans will not be accepted.

Are the Snowmobile Trails Open?
Please check this site.

Status of Trails

What are the winter parking regulations in Muskego?

See Municipal Code Chapter 343-4 (link below)

Parking Restrictions
Public Works - Sanitary Sewer
I have a puddle of dirty water around my floor drain, what should I do?
The vast majority of sewer drain blockages occur in the homeowner's lateral (connection from the house to the sewer line in the street) and are the homeowner's responsibility. You should stop using all water in the house until the blockage is opened. Our department will respond but will most likely inform you to contact a plumber to have your line cleaned out. If the water is forcefully bubbling up out of the drain the problem may be in the public sewer and you should contact us as soon as possible. When in doubt contact the sewer department and we will be more than happy to assist you in determining the cause.
Why is water splashing around or noise coming from my toilet?
The City of Muskego has an ongoing sewer cleaning maintenance program to ensure the sewer system operates at maximum capacity. In rare occurrences during cleaning air is forced up through the house's lateral. The favorite location for this air to escape is the toilet. Although this is an inconvenience there is no harm to the house's plumbing. We suggest that the roof vent stack be checked for a blockage.
Public Works - Water
Can I still use my private well for outside watering once I connect to City Water?
Yes. A 5 year permit must be obtained from the Utility Department. We can be reached at (262) 679-4128.
Where can I get my private well tested?
Contact Waukesha County Environmental Resources at (262) 896-8300.
Does my city water come from Lake Michigan?
No, the water utility maintains 10 wells that provide the city with water.
How does the City decide where to put new water main and when?
Water main extensions are contemplated during the planning process for roadway reconstruction. A resident may also present a petition generally signed by 50% or more of the properties to be served for consideration by the Public Works Committee.
Why does my sump pump run more often than usual?
Make sure your sump pump is not recycling the water, make sure all discharge hoses are extended out far enough. Make sure all outside hose bibs are shut off. Make sure downspouts and gutters are clear of debris.
What constitutes a water emergency?
A water main break.

No water in your house (if you are on a private well, contact a plumber or well company).

A broken service line.

Once water is installed in the street, when do we need to connect?
Property owners must connect to the municipal system if their private well fails.
Are there any restrictions on lawn or garden watering?
There are currently no lawn or garden watering restrictions.